I have been looking for the truth
As a child it was everywhere
It danced on my shoulders late at night
While I drew
And made up characters and stories
Till someone made me go to bed

It pushed me alone in the woods
To explore the next creek
The next clearing, the next rock to climb up to
The next entrance to a long forgotten cave
It knew what I loved
It gave me confidence that I knew what I loved
And what loved me

But then it started leaving me
And I saw less and less of it
It still came around every now and then
Late at night in the Factory working alone during college
In the mountains of Asheville with my best friend
When my first nephew was born
As an adult it has been much more difficult to find
I caught a glimpse of it again in the mountains above Milan in Italy
The one year anniversary of 9/11 in the bottom of a bottle of Canadian whiskey
Staring at a blank television screen
Lying on my back on the side of the road in Oklahoma staring at the stars
With a broke down van and Jimmy Webb singing in the background
like some Phantom of an Okie Opera
Staring out at the ocean off Highway One in Northern California
In the tasseled blonde locks on a girl who had no idea
Just how fast the Earth was falling beneath my feet
On a stage in Holland with a guitar in my hand
On top of a mountain in Idaho with old friends and the wind whispering lyrics in my ear
It seems these days it’s easiest to find up high on a mountain
Or near the water
Or family

There is a corrosion with age that occurs in our connective tissue
It slows down the truth trying to feed us through its’ conduit
Slowing down our ability to connect us to our source
Don’t slow down

~Stephen Simmons


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